Privacy policy

Privacy Policy, WhatsFake for Android

Protecting your privacy is important to us.We hope the following statement will help you understand how - WhatsFake - handles the personally identifiable information ("PII") you may occasionally provide to us via the Internet (the'Google Play'Platform).

Generally, we do not collect any PII from you when you download our Android applications. To be more specific, we do not require consumers to get registered before                  To download the application, nor do we keep track of visits from our consumer application, which                  Still does not have a server to store such PII.

WhatsFake uses ADMOB as an ad provider.Google Adsense wants to show ads that are relevant to you. For more information, please check

The only situation that may have access to your PII is when you personally decide to send us your feedback or to provide us with a bug report. The PII we can get from you in this                  Situation are strictly limited to your name, email address and only your response to the                  Investigation.



Objective: Statistics presentation and feedback provided by the user.


Purpose: Allows the application to adjust its behavior based on network connectivity.


Purpose: This used to store images on the phone or SD card